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Brecksville business law firm Stiefvater Law, LLC, is experienced representing small startup companies through Fortune 100 companies.  From choice of entity to corporate minutes, by-laws to employment issues, Stiefvater Law, LLC can represent you and your business.

Creative problem solving has saved our business clients thousands and thousands of dollars.  Brecksville business lawyer Robert Stiefvater believes that the best way to avoid costly litigation is to put the proper safeguards in place to prevent the legal issues from arising in the first place.

Corporate and business matters are typically handled on an hourly rate.  On occasion, a flat-fee billing arrangement can be made.  Stiefvater Law, LLC offers billing solutions that include ongoing monthly retainer fees that include access to your attorney for a set number of hours per month.  Time beyond the agreed is then billed at a reduced hourly rate.

Contact the Brecksville Business Lawyers at Stiefvater Law, LLC to discuss your legal needs and discover creative solutions to help your business thrive.

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